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Delafield’s First Mass Timber Development Takes Shape

Construction update, first tenants announced for The Grain

DELAFIELD, Wisc. (March 1, 2023) The Grain, Delafield’s first mass timber development located at 705 Genesee Street, sees major progress as timbers are on site and ready to be installed. The $25 million development features two, four-story buildings containing office, retail and restaurant space.

The Grain is pushing sustainable design forward in Lake Country using this state-of-the-art construction method that combines solid wood panels and beams to create an exceptionally strong and versatile structure. This method is an environmentally friendly, low carbon alternative to concrete and steel and will offer tenants a refined space with exposed ceilings and columns throughout. Columns, beams and purlins for the mass timber development were sourced from Austria, and the dowel laminated timber plank floor decking came from British Columbia.

Hendricks Commercial Properties proudly announces venture backed AI company. Synthetaic and Midwest Insurance Group as the first two tenants of The Grain. The development includes 125 combined surface and underground parking stalls along with 60,000 square feet of office space and 18,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Leasing is still available for retail, restaurant and office tenants.

“The Grain is transforming a vacant lot in the middle of downtown into a one-of-a-kind space for businesses,” said Rob Gerbitz, president and CEO of Hendricks Commercial Properties. “Using mass timber construction is putting Delafield on the map as a city that takes pride in providing sustainable, top-quality amenities for its residents and local businesses.”

Construction on both buildings is expected to be completed this fall. To learn more about The Grain or to inquire about leasing, visit


About Hendricks Commercial Properties

From Beloit, Wisconsin and beyond, Hendricks Commercial Properties focuses on revitalizing historic properties and creating environments where businesses flourish, jobs are created and communities are transformed. Hendricks Commercial Properties identifies specific needs within each community and develops a product that ties together history and modern luxury to become a destination that people want to be part of.


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