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Beauty and Bridal Shops and Photographer Coming to Downtown Beloit

BELOIT, WI – Hendricks Commercial Properties announces Haute Luxe Beauty House, Haute Bridal Official and Leigh Photography as the newest tenants at 406 Pleasant Street, located above truk’t in downtown Beloit. Both businesses will open Fall 2020.

Haute Luxe Beauty House and Haute Bridal Official, founded and owned by Annētta Michelle McBain, provide a luxury beauty experience and high fashion couture bridal gowns. McBain started in the radio industry, then followed her passion for beauty and became a licensed esthetician. During her last three years as a bridal makeup artist, she developed a love for bridal gowns, which led to the bridal side of her business.

“It has always been my mission to have my clients feeling more beautiful than when they came in. Not just on the outside, but the inside as well,” says McBain. “We believe selfcare is essential and should feel like luxury. We cannot wait to provide our community with just that, in the highest form of class, care and professionalism.”

Leigh Photography specializes in engagement, wedding and female boudoir photography. Alyssa Ziegelbauer, owner and founder, started photographing families in 2010 and later found her niche in boudoir and weddings.

“I pride myself in supplying a luxurious experience for my clients, one that is memorable and empowering, and is rare to the area. From the first inquiry, I am fun, yet professional, and my main mission is delivering beautiful images, all while having my clients gain new self confidence when they leave,” Ziegelbauer says.

Both tenants’ primary market has been Rockford, IL. As their businesses grow, they’re excited to expand their brands to Beloit.

“There is a quiet, beautiful calm about downtown Beloit that I absolutely love. The environment is so welcoming and beautiful, I am so excited to be a part of that!” says Ziegelbauer.

McBain adds, “I love the feeling I get being downtown Beloit! I feel welcome. The community is unlike anything I have experienced in our Stateline area. There is a sense of class and community and it truly makes you not want to leave.”

To learn more about Haute Luxe Beauty House and Haute Bridal Official, visit To learn more about Leigh Photography, visit


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