About Hendrick's Commercial Properties

As a company, we take great pride in continually driving forward the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Diane Hendricks.  Through this passion, we have maintained and created work environments/lifestyles that people truly enjoy being a part of on a daily basis.

Hendricks Commercial Properties invests in, manages, and develops real estate throughout the United States and specializes in net leased real estate investments, management, and development with outside the box solutions to the most challenging of real estate needs.

 Our Mission is to continually strive for entrepreneurial vision and operational perfection to allow us to build and grow ourselves and our company from within.

Always in the best Interest of the company
No Fear- to speak your peace/communicate- to succeed- to fail
100% clear focus on growing profitably
Integrity - Trust - Respect
Always remember the passion and drive of Diane Hendricks
— Our Core Values